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Elaimei Butt Enhancement Cream, 80g

Elaimei Butt Enhancement Cream tightens hip muscles, and effectively shapes the hip curve. Our Hip Lift Up Firming Cream restores the elasticity, making you more confident and beautiful.

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Elaimei Butt Enhancement Cream, 80g


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Elaimei Enlargement Butt Enhancement Cream  


Elaimei Butt Enhancement Cream (80g) can improve the look of your booty, hips, and thighs with ease. Powerful formula with collagen boosters will firm, plump, and lift your buttocks to give you a real peachy-like bum. Many satisfied users already have curvier-looking butt and hips. Join them, and be confident!


About this item

  • Improve Hip and Butt Shape: Bring back youthfulness and confidence with our butt enhancer. It helps reduce cellulite and tightens the skin around the butt area to fight the effects of gravity, allowing the highlight and definition of the shape of the hips. Say goodbye to flabby buttocks.
  • Natural Ingredients: Our Elaimei butt enhancer cream contains collagen that restores the plumpness of the butt and helps firm the skin to reduce sagginess. The ginseng and other plant extracts also encourage swift cell regeneration for faster metabolism and growth of butt muscles. Use with confidence!
  • Multiple Skin and Muscle Benefits: Not only will this help restore the shape of butts, it also helps muscle soreness relief after a long day of sitting. The massage cream improves moisture retention of the skin in the buttocks and hip area for a smoother skin surface that glows from the inside out.
  • Versatile and Compatible: The all-inclusive hip lifting cream is compatible to use with different skin types. It is also available for men's and women’s use. Can pair this booty enhancement with workout and rigorous exercise for the best effects. Building a Brazilian butt is easier than you think!
  • Convenient and Efficient Hip and Butt Enhancer: Bring this squeeze tube wherever you go on your travels. The airtight tube contains the cream safely to avoid unnecessary spills. Apply and massage this cream in less than a few minutes wherever you are.


Our Elaimei Hip Up Cream works by increasing skin metabolism, injecting active ingredients, activating the sleeping cells in the buttocks, and reducing cellulite and tightening the skin around the butt area to fight the effects of gravity, will firm, plump, and lift your buttocks to give you bigger fuller and natural-looking buttocks.

Exercises, like Daily Squats, will help increase the result. After exercises, apply a small amount on the butt evenly and massage for 1-3 minutes until it is absorbed fully. Apply twice a day (Morning and Night)



  • The ingredients in Elaimei Butt Enhancement Massage Cream are natural, neutral and mild, with no irritation to the skin.
  • Improves the soreness of the waist and legs, soothes the soreness caused by sedentary work.
  • Tighten hip muscles, and effectively shape the hip curve, making you more confident and beautiful.
  • The fullness of the buttocks, restore the elasticity of the hip muscles.
  • Lightweight and compact, convenient to carry.


Our butt enhancer cream contains collagen that restores plumpness of the butt; Coconut and Avocado oils intensively nourish & deeply moisturize the skin; Soy Protein provides an anti-aging effect, bringing a youthful and glowing radiance to the skin and removing dryness for healthier and firmer butt.


How to use:

  • 1. Open the tube and dispense just the right amount of cream.
  • 2. Spread the cream over your booty area. Massage it upwards, downwards, and sideways for a few minutes.
  • 3. Continue massaging with the cream in a circular motion.
  • 4. Apply the cream twice a day (morning and evening) to achieve better results.


Package included: 1 x Elaimei Butt Enhancement Cream (80g).

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