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Elaimei Eyebrow Stamp Set, MEDIUM BROWN

The Elaimei Medium Brown Eyebrow Stamp Set creates a long-lasting brow look with utmost ease, ensuring flawless results. Eyebrow Makeup Stencil Kit is smooth, well blended with the skin and gives an attractive makeup for a natural effect.

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Elaimei Eyebrow Stamp Set, MEDIUM BROWN


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Elaimei Eyebrow Stamp Shaping Kit


ELAIMEI Eyebrow Stencil Kit (Medium Brown) uses a professional eyebrow stamp and this vegan formula makes your eyebrows natural and long-lasting. The eyebrow stamp is a game-changer for anyone who has ever struggled with filling in their brows! No need to bother with the painstaking process of drawing in your eyebrows.


About this item:

  • Just stamp, perfect brow in minutes – Do you always fight for the perfect-looking eyebrows? Elaimei eyebrow stamp means achieving flawless brows each time in just seconds! No mess, no fail, and no skills required. You will get an effortlessly flawless brow look.
  • Eyebrow Stencil Kit: Our eyebrow stamp stencil kit includes a unique eyebrow stamp, 2 brow brushes, and 10 different stencils, easily creating natural and attractive brows without any skills.
  • Simple & Easy to Use: Designed for beginners, no skills required, you will get an effortlessly flawless brow look.
  • Natural Eyebrow: The eyebrow powder is smooth and well blended with the skin. Give an excellent make-up for a natural effect.
  • Unique Design: The brow stamp has a rounded mushroom head design that softly conforms to skin and absorbs powder well for fast color application. Waterproof and sweatproof, naturally does not fall off and keeps your brows on all day long.


Innovative eyebrow print set is quick, easy and stay the same. It takes less than a minute to create your favorite eyebrow style. Lightweight and easy to carry, it allows you to maintain a perfect eyebrow shape at any time. The newly designed brow seal is easier to fill. Strong adhesion can help your makeup stay 24 hours. Featuring natural extract and gentle texture, it will be safe and healthy to your skin or face, its waterproof and sweatproof functions will maintain whole face makeup for a persistent effect without fading.


  • 1. Natural color, Fine texture
  • 2. Soft mushroom head design, quickly take a powder (take the powder in the cover)
  • 3. Easy to use, just 90s to finish your eyebrow makeup
  • 4. Easy to take outside, do eyebrow makeup anytime


No need to waste time in measuring if your eyebrows are in the same shape and size as the stamp does the job for you. Soft mushroom head design, firm grasping powder, novices can quickly color. Can thrush makeup, eyeshadow, hairline, block defects of the face. Suitable for different occasions, perfect for party makeup/ casual makeup/ wedding makeup, etc.


How to use:

  • Step 1. Choose a suitable eyebrow shape and align it to the position you want according to the grid lines.
  • Step 2. Use the brow stamp pad to gently tap the blank part of the template from the end of the eyebrow until the filling is completed.
  • Step 3. After wiping off the cream on the template, you can easily find the symmetry of the second eyebrow due to the softness of the template and grid lines. Repeat step 1 to complete the second eyebrow.
  • Step 4. Use the eyebrow brush to modify the natural eyebrows. If the color is not dark enough, reinstall the template and continue to apply.


Tips: Use the eyebrow cream cushion to dye the vacant part of the stencil by patting gently starting from the tail of the eyebrow, until the filling is complete. Please don't apply it by wiping because this way doesn't work well.


Package included: 1 * ELAIMEI Eyebrow Stencil Kit (Medium Brown).

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Dimensions3.6 × 10 × 3.6 cm