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Elaimei Ice Facial Roller, Purple

Elaimei Ice Facial Roller reduces oiliness, blemishes and acne, puffiness and the signs of aging. This Purple Skin Treatment Ball boosts circulation, giving skin a natural, healthy glow.

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Elaimei Ice Facial Roller


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Elaimei Ice Facial Roller is made of harmless silicone, high elasticity is not easily deformed, can be reused and easy to clean, soft silicone is not easy to slip off, suitable for skin contact and home enjoyment.


About this item:

  • Reusable: Our Elaimei ice holder is made of high-grade silicone material, which is re-usable and durable. For real skin types, customize your own skin care recipes for your specific skin needs, such as Lemon water for Brightening, Green Tea for Inflammation, Cucumber water for De-puffing and Coconut Milk for Anti-aging benefits.
  • New Design and Easy to use: Elaimei Ice face roller features a unique ergonomic egg-shaped hand design which is easy to grasp. Fill the Cube with water. Put the ice roller mold into the fridge for freezing over 4 hours. After freezing, apply the ice to your skin in 30 second intervals with circular motions.
  • The Perfect Portable Gift: Elaimei ice facial silicone mold is small and portable, you can carry our face massage ice roller in your bag and use it at home, in the car, or on a walk. It's the perfect gift for lovers and friends to share beauty secrets.


What is Facial Icing? Facial icing is exactly what it sounds like, the process of applying ice to your face. Low temps cause blood to rise beneath the surface of the skin, which has a variety of benefits. The top five benefits from skin icing on a weekly basis include reducing oiliness, decreasing blemishes and acne, eliminating puffiness, creating a skin barrier, and reducing the signs of aging.



  • Calm Skin – The coolness of the ELAIMEI Ice Roller closes pores while the roller promotes blood circulation, which can reduce puffiness and wrinkling, restore radiance and lift the face.
  • Healthy Looking Skin – Smooth touch feeling that never hurt your skin. Use with face cream can help absorb the nutrients and ingredients when applying a mask or before bed with your oil or moisturizer helps.
  • Revitalizes skin – Often using Ice Roller Massager could be perennial youth. Boosts circulation, giving skin a natural, healthy glow. Helps reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles and revitalizes skin.
  • Relieve fatigue – Massage eye sockets and temples to relieve fatigue, and alleviate neck and facial redness and fever for menopausal females. Rolling on the face, neck and chest to reduce puffiness. Applying barely any pressure, makes you relax after work.
  • Cold therapy – Roll the Ice Roller cooling massager wherever you need quick, soothing on-the-spot relief from migraine, muscle pain, tension or minor injury. Cools fever, sunburn, bites and eases “hot flashes.”


How to use Elaimei Ice Facial Roller:

  • Step 1. Inject 90% water into the small hole.
  • Step 2. Put the mold roll into the refrigerator and freeze it for more than 4 hours.
  • Step 3. After freezing, rinse or put the cube in hot water for 1–2 minutes to open the lid.
  • Step 4. Apply ice on your face every 30 seconds every day and do circular exercises to get the best effect.



  • Do not use it on wounded skin tissue.
  • Store in a cool place.
  • Do not heat this product.


Package included: 1 * Elaimei Ice Facial Roller.

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