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Elaimei 2in1 Skin Tag Remover Kit

Elaimei 2in1 Skin Tag Remover Kit effectively reduces skin tags, moles, common, plantar, flat, genital warts and other viral infections on the skin. Repair Lotion with natural ingredients leaves skin clear and smooth.

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Elaimei 2in1 Skin Tag Remover Kit


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Elaimei 2in1 Skin Tag Remover Kit effectively removes and heals skin tags, moles, common warts, plantar warts, flat warts, genital warts, and other viral infections on the skin. The blend of natural ingredients will effectively remove your tags, help build healthy skin cells and prevent new skin tags from reappearing without causing corrosion to your skin. 


About this item:

  • Effective & Fast. Elaimei Skin tag remover can provide an incredibly fast and safe result. In most cases, skin tags and moles will fall off within 7–10 days naturally.
  • Safe. No need to go through painful surgical procedures just to treat skin tags. Your skin tags will fall off painlessly! And don't worry about leaving a scar: this effective skin tag repair lotion will leave your skin clear and smooth.
  • Easy to use. The operation is simple and easy to use. It's waterproof, and won’t hurt your skin with faster recovery. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced person, you can use our removal skin tag & repair lotion set, follow instructions to easily remove moles, you will show the beautiful skin you always wanted.
  • Natural and gentle. Our Elaimei wart remover is based on natural ingredients and herbs to find the most effective and safest way of wart relief. Those ingredients can penetrate to the root of moles or skin tags and break down the structure of tags, moles and other skin blemishes, leaving you with clean skin.
  • Stop warts regrowth. Not only do away with pesky warts, but Wart Removal will also serve as a shield, protecting against future and further inflections, and you can confidently enjoy a wart freedom life.


Elaimei Natural Skin Tags Removal is a 100% Natural wart remedy formulated for all common, plantar, verruca, verruca vulgaris, body, flat, and seed warts. Helps to diminish and remove all varieties of skin tags, moles, warts – common warts, plantar warts, flat warts and verruca.



  • Relief discomfort – Ease the pain and discomfort associated with skin tags, and wart growth, Skin Tag Remover reduces friction on the surface of the wart so that irritation caused by movements or contact is relieved.
  • Fast acting and effective – Elaimei Skin tag remover penetrates and works quickly from the inside of the wart, breaking down the structure of the wart from the inside out, giving you the result that you want.
  • Easy treatment – Skin tag remover comes in convenient small bottles that are small and light to take with you, and is easy to apply. The easy application means you can keep your treatment consistent and effective.
  • Safe for all ages – Our Elaimei skin tag remover is safe even for children, who often get warts from their active lifestyle. With adult supervision, kids can use skin tag remover too!


How to use:

  • 1. Clean the Skin Tag or Mole and surrounding area with an antibacterial solution.
  • 2. Dip a new toothpick into the Tag Remover liquid and press the tip on the skin tag wart, or mole to allow the formula to penetrate. Wipe the cream away after 2–3 minutes with clean dry paper towel. Clean the surrounding area with wet towel. Do not scratch the surrounding skin area.
  • 3. Redness and swelling around the skin is normal.
  • 4. After application the redness will slowly disappear.
  • 5. As the redness and swelling subside, the skin tag will deepen and darken to form a scab.
  • 6. The skin tag will fall off naturally by itself. Do not pick at the scab.
  • 7. Use Repair Lotion in the morning and evening to restore skin after the scab falls off.


Package included: Elaimei 2in1 Skin Tag Remover Kit:

  • 1 * Elaimei Skin Tag Remover (5ml)
  • 1 * Elaimei Repair Lotion (5ml)
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